10 Business Books to Read in 2014


What books are on your must-read list for the New Year? We asked Stanford GSB alumni including Bonobos founding CEO Andy Dunn (MBA ‘07) and Minted Founder Mariam Naficy (MBA ‘98) to share the best business books they ever read. Check out their selections below and let us know on Twitter what…
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Top 13 Business Books to Read This Summer


What is the best business book you’ve ever read? We compiled a handy list of best business books from 13 impressive Stanford GSB alumni such as Joie de Vivre Hotels founder Chip Conley (MBA ’84), Design Within Reach founder Rob Forbes (MBA ’85) and Progreso Financiero founder James Gutierrez (MBA…

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@font-face {
font-family: ‘YourFontName’; /*a name to be used later*/
src: url(‘http://domain.com/fonts/font.ttf’); /*URL to font*/

.classname {
font-family: ‘YourFontName’;


- Custom ofont on CSS

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"Por el Junior"

- Viejito Regio de los Hochos

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sum(decode(pc.indtipopresupuesto,’I’, pc.importe,0)) INICIAL,
sum(decode(pc.indtipopresupuesto,’A’, pc.importe,0)) ADICIONAL,
sum(pc.importe) TOTAL,
vtabol.presupuesto_cortesia pc

pc.activo = 1
and pc.puntoventa_id = 1
and pc.fecinicio = ‘01/01/2014’
and pc.fecfin = ‘31/01/2014’
pc.puntoventa_id, pc.fecinicio, pc.fecfin

indtipopresupuesto = bandera con valores I =inicial
A= adicional


- #Decode #SQL #programming #work #java #oracle

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Filteres List w/o predicate

List<Plaza> lsPlazaServicio2 = plazaService.obtenerTodos(); //Hibernate
lsPlazaServicio = new ArrayList<Plaza>(); //windowComponent

for (Plaza a : lsPlazaServicio2) { //object and list 
if (a.getUsuarioEscalamiento() != null) { //condition
lsPlazaServicio.add(a); //new List

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Da Blog turned 4 today!

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en Aeropuerto Internacional de Oaxaca (OAX)

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